Grateful 8: 10/24/2017

1. Ziggy, our English Bulldog puppy, who gets me up every morning at 5:10 am. Even if I want to sleep in, the latest I could sleep is 6, so he's my motivation to get up earlier to meditate for 20 minutes before feeding him. 

2. The Kayla Itsines Sweat app. 30 minute workouts are transforming me. I never thought I'd be motivated to work out by myself until now. 

3. My old friend Em, from my teaching days in Orlando, whose writing inspires me daily. 

4. Ro and Fran, our dog walkers. They are both so much cooler than me. I'd love to get to know them both better. I'm pretty sure they don't know my name; they refer to me as Ziggy's mom. 

5. Our landlords- for allowing us to set up a gym in the basement. 

6. Cathi- for holding me accountable. 

7. The green juice cart on 39th and broadway. $5 for 16 oz of fresh green juice- and he refrains from apple for me and upgrades me to the 20 oz for free sometimes. 

8. Samsung's recorder app.